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You don’t need to live in a community with 100’s of others to have access to some great amenities.  We’ve researched assisted living and memory care facilities from around the country, spoke with the leaders of the industry and have identified some priority amenities that and engineered them into our home.


Private Room


Each resident has their own bedroom suite and individual thermostat.  The bedroom is large enough to have their own full-sized bed with enough storage for their personal items.  Each bathroom is complete with the own private shower and the latest safety features.


Personal Chef

We place a high priority on ensuring our residents have delicious meals.   Our chef uses the freshest of ingredients and keeps the menu unique and great tasting.  To add additional variety, we sometimes bring in meals from local restaurants and even try some of our residents’ special family recipes.

Immediate Medical Care


Worried about aging in place? No need, we partner with top of the industry professionals to ensure you have access to nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, the list is endless!  Most importantly, we are here to negate mom or dad being left alone and needing help. We even offer personal assistant services and

state of the art emergency calling systems available for every resident/room! We also offer on-site security at some of our locations! 



Our staff will develop activities based on what our residents like to do or would like to experience. Our customized calendar of activities and events will help the residents continue to learn, grow and stay fit.

Playing Foosball_edited.jpg

Special Events


Most of our special events include the families of our residents and even the local community.  We’ll celebrate birthdays, holidays and even toss in BBQs and happy hours.  You’re never to old to have a good time.

Game of Chess_edited.jpg



Our goal is to help keep the mind sharp.  We believe fun activities that “tickle” the brain can help slow down dementia.  Or staff will stay on top of the latest research and bring the activities to the residents.  Making it fun while also getting the benefits.

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